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Ridiculous amount of downtime/outages

I live in New Orleans, LA. 

Is it me or are you guys having a ridiculous amount of downtime/outages this past month?  I've recorded most of the outages that I can when I was home. On 9/3, services went down from 4pm to 5:40pm CST. On 9/4, services went down from 12:30 noon to 6:00pm CST. I thought it was because of the weather and hurricane, so I didn't bother much. Then everything is all fine for a week. Now today 9/17, the internet services went down from 1:15pm to about 6:00pm CST.

The thing is I check on the Cox app on my phone (using 4G), and it doesn't say there is an outage. I also call Cox customer service and they make me reset modem/router as always and say there is no outage. And then schedule a technician for me. The services goes back up on the same day as you can see in the outages timeframe, so a tech would be useless because it would already be up by then. 

So my question is, what is going on with the outages?? Cause obviously, there is nothing wrong with my modem/router otherwise it would be down forever until I buy new modem/router. And for god's sake, if there is an outage, please fix the Cox app so it shows properly, cause I keep seeing GREEN even when my internet is down.

I pay my bills on time every month. Please at least keep the internet STABLE because it's interrupting my whole family.

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    Please email your full address, primary name on the account and include this URL to, so we can take a look.