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RF 3220-R Remote Help

My mother-in-law recently moved into an assisted living facility that uses the  Cox MDU HD-uDTA-E wall plates and RF 3220-R remote controls.

When they set up the cable in her unit, they did not pair the remote, thus it was operating using IR.  I paired the remote to the cable box and received a success message, however the remote will still not operate the cable box with RF.  The box is installed on a wall that currently has a wooden entertainment unit sitting in front of it.  If I reach around the entertainment unit so that the remote has a line of sight with the box, the remote will operate.  Otherwise, it will not, even though it says that it is paired to the cable box.

Any suggestions?

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    You can pick up a free IR extender from any Solution Store and install it. Do you know where the Solution Store is located?

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    Someone needs to tell the people in the Solution Stores about that.