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Resetting Contour DVR too much

We've switched back to Cox less than a week ago with Contour DVR 2 connected by HDMI cable (not the one provided by Cox because our box cannot sit close enough to the tv for this). In the last 5 days, we've had to reset the DVR 3 times on 3 different days. This is the main box as we have not yet set up the Mini box.

Wednesday: No channels available like we didn't have service set up (but guide was visible)

Saturday: No audio; video worked 

Sunday: Video and audio blinking/going out for a few seconds about every 30 seconds while watching live and DVR tv

Is this normal? I don't believe we should need to reset the DVR on what is becoming a daily basis.  Is there something that can be causing this that I need to look into?

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    Make that another time tonight (Sunday) with the blinking off and back on.

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    it's not normal.   Cox phone support can monitor your DVR while you are talking on the phone with them.   they can troubleshoot it.    you may need a new box.

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    I assume this is a new box since we just received it last week.  We have not been with Cox Cable for almost 2 years until now and our previous equipment appeared to be from 1995!

    We tried calling on the first problem and since there was a 7 minute hold time -- resetting it fixed it before we talked to anyone.

    I've also run across other posts where people state getting a new box does not fix this issue so if there's something we need to do other than wait for a reset on a daily basis, I'm hoping they can chime in and let me know so I don't have to sit on hold forever.

    It doesn't seem like all this new technology is helping and it's becoming more irritating because prices keep going up for all providers but the service is declining.  I remember when we could just plug in the box and it would work until it was dead without much hassle.

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    We like to check your signal levels please email full address and primary name on the account to