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Reseting & dropping channels

Ever since a major update was done roughly 2 months ago, my DVR is unable to record shows more than an hour in advance, and will reset every night around 8-10 p.m. on it's own.  It will take as long as 30 minutes to "reload."

On my cable boxes, cannot record anything more than an hour in advance and will drop certain channels - for example 105 & 1105.  When I disconnect the power cable to reset the box, everything comes back on.  This happens to all three cable boxes.  

Note: In the last year, I have replaced one of the cable boxes 3 times.  I've had service out twice and they didn't find any issues, which I was then charged $75 for the service visit.  So, I am not going to call them out for the resets and need to reset.  

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  • azstoli,

    What error messages do you receive on your channels before you unplug the power to resolve the missing channels? Is there a splitter or signal amplifier in the home that's attached to the coaxial cable between the wall and the receivers?

    If all receivers are duplicating the same error, then we may want to investigate the signal as the possible trouble. Have you attempted to schedule a manual recording for the channel to extend the time to record?