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Reruns Of shows marked in the Contour guide as new

It is very annoying when reruns of broadcasts are marked as new broadcasts in the Contour guide.

i record a bunch of things and use record new only, but the Contour guide shows the reruns as new so I record duplicates every week.

this happens with several shows but a current example is Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel.

Both of this Tuesdays episodes are marked as new but are reruns of the episodes shown this past Sunday.

This happens every week.

Who is responsible for the content of the online Contour guide?

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  • Hi, 

    We have received confirmation that the status of new shows and reruns are controlled by the broadcaster. We have passed along this mislabeling to The Discovery Channel .

  • thanks for the follow up, understand that it is out of Cox control. Frankly i wouldn't be surprised if some of the channels are not doing this on purpose to boost show ratings. These days with DVR services widely used show ratings are based not only upon live viewing but recordings also. So if a network can get more automatic recordings it boost show ratings and thus sponsor fees.
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    I never thought about the ratings.  CBS "60 Minutes" shows re-runs all summer.  Every program has NEW in the Guide.  The only thing "new" is that the announcer says "We first brought you this story in March" and then shows the re-run.  "The First 48"  on A&E Channel did the same thing.  They showed a re-run but at the end , they posted the outcome of the trial.