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Request Channel TV5MONDE USA

How Do I request Cox to add TV5MONDE USA?

At&T U-Verse Has it. Dish Network Has it.

COX is the only cable service that does not have this Channel.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you for providing this feedback. We currently do not have an agreement to carry TV 5 Monde USA programming at this time. I've forwarded your feedback to our programming team on your behalf.

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    Strange you say Cox doesn't have an agreement to carry TV5Monde, it's part of the Sports & Info Pak in New Orleans on channel 335.  It's listed in my market (Meriden CT) on channel 341 but no indication how to subscribe:

    Cox must have an agreement somewhere.  It's listed on my Contour guide but tells me a subscription is required to watch.

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    Hi AllenP,

    Our channel line-up differs in each market. While it's available in your area, it's not available in TV5Monde's area. I regret the misunderstanding.