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Replying and Forwariding Cox Webmail

I have tried everything to get the “message body,” sent to me by someone else to show in my reply or forward to them.  I have checked the box in settings and it still does not work.  I am using HTML editor and Classic mail.  It was working so I think a setting or something has changed, but I can’t find where.  I’m using Mac 

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    Hi A. Rosales,

    I'm understanding that the "message body" is not appearing when you are replying or forwarding to someone. Just to clarify, when you go into the Classic Webmail Settings, in Preferences, is the box "By default, compose messages using the graphical editor" checked or not checked? You want to make sure it's not checked in order for your "Message body" to appear. This will change it to Plain Editor. If HTML editor was working before, the change would have taken place within your system to make it not work all of a sudden. Let us know if using the Plain Editor fixes the issue.