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Replacing DVR with WD DVR in use with old DVR

I have to replace my DVR for reasons unrelated to recording. I installed WD DVR Expander to my old DVR about 3 weeks ago. I went from about 88% space use down to about 26%, so with the addition of WD DVR Expander I really got lot of new recording space. So when I disconnect my old DVR from everything and add the new DVR, so when I attach the WD DVR Expander to new DVR, will I lose any of my recorded programs???? Is the a safe way to do this??????? I do not want to lose my recorded programs. Thanks for any help Dan

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    No way around it. The WD DVR are RAID-partitioned with the drive that comes with it. Plug the drive into a new DVR and the first thing it does is format the drive, deleting everything. This is so you can't record stuff, unplug the drive and connect it to a PC. You don't own anything you are recording, only leasing it, so you can't make permanent digital copies. 

  • Hi Dan,

    Tecknowhelp is correct. Content recorded to a DVR is copyright protected by the networks in order to prevent the unauthorized redistribution and sale of content. At this time, recorded content cannot be transferred from one device to another.