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Replacement remote for mini box

Am I able to get a replacement remote for the mini box?

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    Hi Deanfly,

    You can stop by a local Cox store to get a replacement remote for your box.

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    You'd better hurry.  A snippet from our August statement:

    "Effective October 15, 2016, Cox will begin charging a $20 fee for each additional, lost or broken Cox remote control."

  • Hello All,

    Bruce is correct. This can be found in your Billing Statement under News from Cox. Some may find this in the July or August Statement. If you don't receive a paper statement, you may view the PDF from our website.

    Sign In > click My Statements > Select Billing Period > View Bill Details (PDF)

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    Here we go again! Another way to squeeze money out of customers, by Cox starting to charge customers to replace failed equipment they are renting in first place.

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    Don318 said:
    ...Cox starting to charge customers to replace failed equipment they are renting in first place.

    It's not been made clear just how Cox defines "broken". Lots of folks are assuming, based on past experience, (Here we go again!), that there are evil intentions afoot.

    I can't imagine Cox, even viewed in the broadest terms, would categorize a remote that has lost some keypad connectivity due to thousands and thousands of key presses "broken". And charge $20 to boot!

    If it's $20 for a cheap piece of plastic that works normally for just over a year, in my experience, how much would an STB with a failed hard drive set you back? $1000? $2000?

    And take notice that STB's are not mentioned in that tidbit about the replacement remotes. If they were squeezing, STB replacement is where the real money would be found. (Conspiracy enthusiasts take note: The remote thing is a trial balloon, the STB's will be added later.) 

    Perhaps a guideline has been issued to Solution store employees. But it's more than likely just going to be an arbitrary decision based on the purely subjective and predefined notions of whichever employee calls your number.

    Five minutes before closing on a Friday? That's not really broken, just a scratch, probably came that way, here's another remote, have a nice weekend! Monday morning after a day of football and beer? Don't forget to bring your wallet.

    Nevertheless, and in light of these not unreasonably foreseeable different experiences and outcomes for customers in exactly the same circumstances, an official word from Cox defining the term "broken" would seem to be in order. Or at the very least, put in the "excluding normal wear and tear" language that still leaves wide latitude in accessing each situation on its merits.