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Replacement Receiver Set Up

Hello. I'm a bit frustrated as my replacement receiver isn't working properly. I have the Scientific Atlantis Explorer (?) 8240HDC model. It's set up properly, but the screen indicates I need to call the 1-866 number to "Get this service now". After several months of problems with my original receiver, I took it to the Cox store and got it replaced. Same DVR. Please help.

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    Hello Elizabeth44,

    Sounds like we may need to send a tech out. Are you able to send us a private message with your full address and name?

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    Hello Elizabeth44,

    Here is our email address Thank you.

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    Perhaps a Moderator can confirm this behavior.  Occasionally, while I'm watching Cox TV, a similar screen will replace my program.  It's just like Elizabeth described:  a yellow box with "Get this Program Now" and a phone number to order the channel.  It displays for about 5 seconds then returns to my program.  It's frustrating because I already subscribe to the channel, but it has always cleared.

    In a long-ago post, either a Cox moderator or a knowledgeable contributor explained the screen.  The screen will appear while the Cox box is synching with the local distribution facility.  When live TV stops while synching, the Cox box can only respond with this screen...because it has to display something.

    Therefore, if Elizabeth is constantly receiving this screen, her box isn't synching with the local distribution facility, distribution hub, headend...or whatever you're calling it.  Save yourself the $100 service call and return the box.  Again.

  • Bruce,

    In Elizabeth's case I think her box just hadn't been activated. I was able to track down her account and the issue seems to have been addressed. If it hasn't I hope Elizabeth will let us know!

    Have you recently seen the subscription message while watching a channel you're subscribed to?