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Remote will not change volumn

Recently installed a new Vizio TV.  The remote will not change the sound. I have tried resetting through the remote with no success. 

The TV is hooked to the Cox. box through a HDMI connection, do I need another audio cable? 

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    The Cox remote only turns on the tv and adjusts the volume.  If the remote is able to successfully turn on the tv (but not the volume) you can get a new remote for free at any Cox store.  The instructions for setting up your remote to "talk" to your tv are in the remote guidebook.  You can always use the Vizio remote to adjust the volume if the Cox remote is working well for everything else. It is a pain to have 2 remotes but it saves you a trip to the store. Your HDMI are all you need.

  • @TV remote URC 8820 moto,

    There are several codes available for Vizio. It's possible a different code needs to be used. You can try allowing the remote to search for a code, or enter that code in manually. This site will give all the codes available for the remote and model TV you have.

    Sometimes the volume needs to be locked to the TV. That URC site will have instructions for that as well. Please let us know the results.

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