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Remote and Receiver will not pair

I have the GSX9865 receiver and the Contour 2 XR11 Voice Remote.  After thunderstorms the other day, the remote apparently became unpaired to the receiver.  I have followed the instructions on how to re-pair, but the receiver will not give me the 3-digit code that I need to input into the remote. 

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  • Hi TonyZeno,

    I'm sorry that happened. Please share the steps taken to re-pair the remote. Do you receive a pop message on the screen indicating that their was an error when attempting to pair the remote?
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    Held down the "Setup" button for three seconds until the light at the top of the remote turned green. At that point, pressed down the "Contour" button, light starts blinking green but nothing else happened so I pressed it again, still nothing so another press, at which point the light blinks red a few times before turning off.  No error message comes up on the screen, it's as if the receiver does not recognize that a remote is being attempted to be paired.  I have also pulled up the Pair Remote screen through the Contour help menu and followed the steps while that screen was up, still happens the same way.  To confirm, I have re-paired the remotes for the other two boxes successfully.  I have also used another remote to try to pair to the main receiver with no success.  I have un-paired each remote individually as well, still no success when attempting to re-pair to main receiver.

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    We may need to send a tech out of you were able to repair with the other boxes and not this box.  Please email us and we can help to setup a technician to you home.