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Remote access to BTN

I'll be travelling this weekend but want to watch games on BTN (I am a subscriber). I'll have a phone, a laptop, the kids' tablet, and can take and HDMI cable. How can I access BTN and mirror it on the hotel TV?

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  • You can download the BTN app and then login as a Cox subscriber.  I watch it all the time on my phone.  I don't think they allow you to put it to a TV though.  You could a while ago with many of these services such as NFL network, but most of them took it away.  

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    You can download the BTN to GO app (as mentioned previously).  If you want to mirror on a hotel TV and you have the HDMI cable you mention go ahead and plug into your device and then an available HDMI connection on the merely use the "source" feature on the TV remote and go to the HDMI location you plugged your laptop or other device into...once connected it should show what is on your device. may have to rely on your device for Audio...

  • Hey Cox67,

    Sounds like the Laptop may be the best option. You can sign on at , sign in under Cox and use your user log in to get access. As far as connections go, you'd have to check to see what the TV at the hotel offers. I can not say if they have a VGA connection or HDMI hook up. If your Laptop has an HDMI hook up and the TV does also, that'll be an easy one to set up. With the app on the phones & tablets, you can download the app from IPHONE or Android and sign in there as well. The Cast option does show up but I did not have a TV i could test it on. If the TV at the hotel has the capability then that'll be another option.