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Regional Sports Surcharge

I would like to know why I am being charged a regional sports surcharge?  I am not even getting all of my regional teams.  When am I going to be able to watch Dodgers games?  My bill keeps going up and up, and I can't watch a single Dodgers game, unless it is an ESPN game.  Ridiculous!

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  • Hi Bigman,

    Dodgers games are carried exclusively on Spectrum SportsNet LA. Currently, Cox does not have an agreement to carry the SportsNet LA network for the 2017 MLB season.

    We are constantly working to make our channel options as flexible as possible to meet consumer demands for greater choice, but the fact is, most of the networks we carry are presented as a package. Broadcasters often require service providers like Cox to include their sports channels in our most widely distributed level of service, or we aren’t allowed to carry the channels at all. We introduced the Regional Sports Surcharge to better enable customers to track how the increasing costs of carrying sports programming drives the total cost of their TV service higher, above and beyond what would normally be reflected in periodic rate adjustments. The Regional Sports Surcharge reflects a portion of the costs associated with the delivery of regional sports networks to our customers.

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    Gimmick by Cox of course.

    Called their reps and they basically admit its a backdoor way to charge their customers more money.

    One of the worst company I ever dealt with.