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Regional sport surchage

I was shock too seeing it on my bill. We are all looking for answers?

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    Hello, I would like to shed some light on the Regional Sports Surcharge that you're seeing on the bill.

    Regional Sports Networks are available to Cox customers who subscribe to Essential TV or above. The Regional Sports Surcharge reflects a portion of the costs associated with the delivery of regional sports networks to our customers. Cox systems that carry multiple Regional Sports Networks may have higher surcharges based on the number of regional sports networks offered.

    The Regional Sports Surcharge is not a government imposed charge, tax or fee.

    A Regional Sports Surcharge (RSS) is a separate line item in the TV section on customer’s monthly bills who subscribe to Essential TV or higher, effective during the 2017 Price Adjustment.
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    That is so wrong. What if u dont even watch sports??? So bascially everyone is going to get charged this cause im pretty sure they all have essential or higher. I cant believe u guys raise prices every year especially when most of the time there is nothing on. This is so sad and ridiculous. Guess i will have to just completely cancel once my time is up. Just not worth it especially the price!!!

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    I just spoke to a representative about the $7 jump in my bill after "locking" the rates last October for 3 years with the Gigablast upgrade. The rep then assured me that my bill would not change except for "taxes". Today the rep tells me this is a "tax". The reality is that it is not a tax - it's just a sneaky way to raise the rates because the cable companies are too willing to pay the sports programmers too much and pass it along to the customers. Yes, my bill still says the Contour TV monthly is the same as it was before, but suddenly the "Broadcast Surcharge" jumps $1 and the new "Regional Sports Surcharge" debuts at $6. Neither of these are a tax but a deceptive way of doing business.

    I hate to say it, but the only way to stop this is to start lobbying for more regulation and force cable companies to do all inclusive pricing like the Congress forced the airlines to do. Thus when you get a "guarantee" or "price lock" it would really mean what it implies. Better yet, we should all fight for unbundling. There is so much in the TV lineup that we don't use I'd be happy to pull it apart and quit subsidizing the channels that don't make business sense.

    I should have known better - I won't fall for another "price lock" from Cox. 

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    I SO agree with you Schlottie!!  I was upset to find this new "regional sports" fee added to my most recent bill.  We don't watch ANY sports, and are so tired of subsidizing all those who do.  We have more sports channels in our package than anything else.  We're "forced" into that because we want only a couple channels of old movies and TV shows.

    We're researching other TV options.  The rising prices will never stop.  We're retired & on fixed incomes, and have come to the realization that Cox Cable will not be in our home much longer.

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    Hello Derrick.  If the Regional Sports Surcharge is not a fee or tax, who is getting the $6 from every Cox customer each month?

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    Having been a loyal customer for over 16 years, it seems that not only am I penalized for not moving to another provider but I am also being forced to pay for others to watch regional sports even though I do not watch any sports channel myself. If I wanted sports channels I would subscribed to that package.

    Maybe it is time to cut the cable and use online streaming services along with over the air services for a fraction of what cox costs each month.