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Red Sox vs Royals not on TV Listings

Tomorrows game (Sunday 7/30) is not listed on Cox's Guide. The game is not blocked out so why is it not in the listings? The baseball package we bought says we get every game. Can someone at Cox explain this?

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    Hi, ianmugs

    While we do not offer a plan that promises all games, the verbiage on the site says, Experience Major League Baseball® like never before with MLB EXTRA INNINGS®. You'll get almost 100 out-of-market games a week^, most of them available in crystal-clear HD*.

    There are times when an event may not be available. As we do not determine the programming the network will air at any given time/in any given location, I regret the difficulty this means for you. Please consider reviewing this link for support with your specific inquiry.   

    -Erica W.  
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    where do you live?  what tv package do you have it's on at 12 noon on fsnkc

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    Whenever a company speckles their promises with footnote markers, buyer beware.

    This passage should have read, "you won't get all games and the games you will get, won't all be in HD."