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Recordings Not Available & Remote control won't turn off cable box


hoping I can get some help with two issues.  I have the new Contour DVR.  Sometimes while I'm watching a recorded show, it will all of a sudden say the Recording Is Not Available (XRE-06014).  Then that show, along with many other recording, will be gone from the Recordings section.  It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour for them to magically return.  Anyone know the cause of this and how it can be fixed?

Also, why doesn't my remote turn the cable box Off or On?  When I press the All Power button, it only affects the TV.  The only way I can turn off my cable box is to walk up to it and manually press the button on the unit.  Is there a setting I'm missing or is something defective?

Any help on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • Hi jw39,

    When you receive this error, are you watching from a Host or Client box? The New Contour boxes remain powered on. The All Power button does not apply to the cable boxes, although the Host does have a power button located on the box.

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    How do I know if I'm watching from a Host or Client box?  We have 4 cable boxes in the house.  I am using one of the 2 Contour 6 boxes.

    Regarding the remote, why would there be a TV power button and an All power button if the All power button doesn't do anything different?

    Also, I've encountered a new problem.  Recorded a LA Dodgers playoff game.  Halfway through the game, it stops playing and just takes me back to the menu for no reason.  Tried playing it again about a half dozen more times, same thing every time.  This just isn't acceptable.  Dodgers.  Playoff.  Game.  !!!!!!  This can't happen.

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    What is the model number of the receiver? How long is the recording?