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Recording show in progress

I have Contour 2.  I was watching a show and got interrupted and miss parts of it.  About 15-20 minutes into it I pressed record.  I never changed channels.  When I went to watch it , the beginning 15-20 minutes was not recorded.  When I had Contour 1, I would do that and I would be able to watch the entire show.  Has something changed in Contour 2 vs 1?

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    It should record the whole show when you hit record as long as no other functions has been selected. If you hit pause or rewind at any point, it will not record from the beginning. You can check OnDemand and to catch the part you missed.

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    Ok, not working.  I rebooted the box.  I then was watching a show, not pausing, stoping or anything.  I pressed record and it showed it was recording from 8:34 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  The show started at 8:00 a.m.  I could rewind live to the beginning but not record to the being.  This is not how contour 1 or basic dvr worked.  it would record the entire show.

    What am I doing wrong?  Anyone else have the same results?

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     Pauldv :

    You did nothing wrong. I believe you got the wrong information from the Cox moderator. Contour 2 only will record a show you are watching from the moment you press the record button. It does not go back to the beginning like you mentioned in Contour 1 (and also Rovi). The ability to do this would be a nice feature for Cox to add, and should be possible if the previous versions were able to do it.

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    It looks like the DVR you had before the Contour 2 DVR was a Rovi DVR. It had a completely different platform. Unfortunately, the Contour 2 DVR will only start recording once you hit the record button, even if you've hit rewind to the beginning of the show that you're trying to record. You're not doing anything wrong, the problem is that the new DVR isn't capable.

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