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recording issue

I had my local CBS station miss a recording because it said that I was not subscribed to this channel, its a local channel and I have future programs that show a red circle with a double white check mark next to them and I am concerned that I will miss those as well.

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  • Hi,

    Are you getting this error message on all TVs in the home, or only the DVR? If the subscription error doesn't go away after unplugging the power to the DVR for 20 seconds, I recommend a refresh to the account.

    You can attempt a reset by signing into our website and clicking send reset

    If any of these steps don't resolve the error, we may need to take a closer look for you.

  • we are getting it on both of our TV's and I tried unplugging the dvr for two minutes plus.  can you tell me what the red circle with the double white check mark indicates?

  • Is the red circle with 2 white check marks appearing on the program guide when you schedule a recording on the Host or Client receiver on every recording or series?

  • recording issue

    That's definitely how it should look for future recordings. There may have been some sort of issue at the same time that recording was scheduled on CBS. Please keep an eye on things and reach back out here if this happens again.

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