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Recording by keyword

Earlier this year we "upgraded" to the contour from a regular dvr box.  However I find it to be lacking in some features.  I have searched and cannot find a way to record a show by keyword (ex. figure skating, engineering).  This was possible on the regular boxes.  Please tell me there is a way to do this!   Is not always possible for me to go in and manually search for shows with the keywords I want.  Additionally it can take a long time to manually add every show.  I'm seriously considering going back to the old box, as I have found the only benefit of the contour is that it can record 6 shows at a time.  It is inferior in every other category.  However if you can direct me as to how to record by keyword then I would be happy to stick with the contour.   If it is not available please add it.  It is an important feature that is missing from contour!

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  • daysgirl52

    Instead of having to type in the keyword to do a search for something, just hold down the microphone button on the remote control and say the keyword. Anything that's linked to that keyword will show up on the screen and you can record from there. Please give that a go and let me know how that works for you.

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