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Recorded Shows not Recording

We just switched from Directv so don't know if this is a user error type thing. We set up shows to record. It indicates that they are scheduled to record. The recording light comes on when shows should be recording, yet when we go to the recordings menu the shows are only there as they are being recorded. Afterwards, none of the shows are there. Last week they were. Everything was erased that was waiting for viewing as well. Anyone experience this?

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    What model receiver do you have? Are the shows missing on all TVs? What is the recording options for the title?

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    We just have the 1 dvr contour receiver (model?), but ALL shows are missing out of 40+ that are set to record. The recording options are for new, first run, episodes.

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    Hi HisAndHeres, We like to take a closer look please email full address and primary name on account to