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Record 6 HD-DVR Needs to be Replaced

My DVR was confirmed (in live-chat) as having hardware issues; live TV record-pause not working & DVR list sometimes showing a blank blue-screen.  I don't have the packaging (box, wrap, paperwork) the DVR came in... Just the remote and the DVR itself are left.

Will COX:

1. Accept the trade-in w/out the box?

2. Existing HDD.  I've got a ton of movies not yet viewed on the faulty DVR.  Dumb question here, but I assume it's safe to say that COX does not swap/does not recommend doing an HDD swap when return/replacing a DVR.


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    no the recordings are married to the hardware just like a tivo 

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    What Andrew Wees saying is correct currently were not able to transfer the recordings you can swap the box out at the nearest solution store please check the link