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Record 6 DVR Simultaneous Recording

I have the Contour record 6 Cisco Explorer 9865HDC DVR and three client boxes, I believe they are Pace XiD HD models.

The problem is, each client box uses one of the tuners on the record 6 DVR, no matter if the client box is actively viewing content or not.

This means that if three shows are simultaneously recording on the DVR, you can not watch live TV using the record 6 DVR. The system prompts you to disable one of the currently recording programs in order to view live TV.

On the previous Contour system there was a menu option to disable buffering on the client boxes, which freed up the tuner. On the new Contour system, I can not find this setting.

Is there a fix for this annoying problem?

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    Dan-ISP1,  With the contour 2 system each client box takes up a tuner. You have 3 client boxes that are using 3 of your tuners and when you are recording 3 programs at once, you will not be able to watch live TV. Unlike Contour 1 there are no settings within the box to change this feature. You can trade out one of your client boxes for a non-DVR host box which will add 4 extra tuners to your system.

    Lindsey B.


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    Thanks, confirmed my suspicions.

    Are there any additional fees for the host box that includes integral tuners?

  • Dan-ISP1, 

    We cannot discuss pricing on forums. If you email us at and provide us your name, account number, and (and a link to this thread).  We can gladly discuss any of that information with you at that time.

  • DVader202

    If you change your mind and would like to discuss pricing please go ahead and send an email with your full street address and account holder's name to and we can discuss pricing.

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    If I use the Power Saver feature on my remote receivers, will that open up a tuner for recording while that box in in "sleep" mode?  

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    The power saver feature can only place the receiver in power saver mode. That does not have any effect on the tuner record settings. Thanks
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    Fortunately there is a simple solution,

    You can replace one of your client boxes for a host box which includes 4 tuners for no additional fees.

    Unfortunately, Cox wants to charge a $75 fee for professional installation of equipment that in my opinion should have been originally installed with any record 6 DVR installation with multiple clients.

    Record 6 is false advertising, if you have a record 6 DVR with 5 client boxes, you can record a whopping 1 program before you run out of tuners, even though the additional client boxes are not being used. If you were watching 6 programs on your various boxes and ran out of tuners, I could live with that. However being able to record less than the advertised 6 programs with all other boxes turned off is unacceptable.

    I have had Cox services for a long time and was generally satisfied with the service, however this experience has been disappointing.

  • Hi Dan-ISP1,

    Contour 2 equipment is limited to twelve per home. Up to three host and up to three clients per host.

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    I have confirmed, by trial and error, that pressing the power button on top of the remote receivers, which turns off the blue indicator light, has no effect on DVR tuner capacity.

    However unplugging the power cord to the remote receiver (client) will increase the number of available tuners on the DVR by one for each client powered off.