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Record 6 DVR "reference when calling Cox Support"

When i select one of the shows in my Recorded Shows list, the screen turns black.  After 5-10 seconds, i get an on-screen message "We experienced a problem playing back the recording. Please try again in a few minutes. Reference"    This used to happen to one out of every 25 recordings.  Now it is happening once every 10 recordings.  Rebooting the box does not help.  Trying again in a few minutes does not help. I have the Contour 1.  

Cox moderators: what is

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    Error is a problem with the MoCA connection linking the DVR's together. Does this happen on the host, or only the smaller clients? 

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    I only have 1 tv and one DVR.    

    I went back to one of the "black screen" recordings and finally got it to play.  That had never worked before. The message always said "try later" but every time i tried, it wouldn't play. 

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    We may want to have a technician look into this trouble you're experiencing with the 6 Tuner DVR ref# you're seeing. I'm sure even the reset hasn't corrected this trouble. You may call a customer service agent in technical support, or email us at with a link to this forums. is a link to our website with contact numbers. You may need to enter your zip at the top of the link.