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Record 6 DVR not recording more than one show at a time

I have a Contour Record 6 DVR, which should let me record up to 6 programs at once.  However, recently, I've noticed it has not been recording some shows, saying "Recording failed because it conflicted with another high priority recording".  I don't record that much, and there definitely have not been 6 programs recording at once that would precipitate it needing to drop a 7th.  Fortunately, most of the shows that haven't recorded, I've been able to find on Cox on Demand, but I shouldn't have to do that.  Why is my DVR not recording these programs?

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    The first time this happened to me, i was baffled.  I never saw a DVR feature "mark this recording as High Priority".  And i would never have chosen that option anyway since i had the option of recording 6 shows at once.   

    You need to do some experimenting.  Go one hour into the future (on the Guide) and set 6 shows to record at the same time.  Then go 2 hours into the future and set 3 shows to record.  See what happens.

    if you can only record 1 show, take the DVR to the Cox Store and return it. 

  • There is a hierarchy for prioritizing recordings, yak.  On the Series Manager page of the DVR List, whatever order your programs are listed shows the priority, with the top being most important, and on down.  You can reorder the list to prioritize your programs, and I do that (because Formula 1 is so much more important than Top Chef).

    I've done that, but that's not really what's causing the problem.  I should be able to record 2 programs at the same time, regardless of their priority, on a Record 6 DVR.  The way I understand it, priority should only come into play when you're already recording 6 programs at the same time, and a 7th wants to start.  Wherever it is in the priority list would determine what doesn't get recorded.

    I'll try recording 6 or 7 random programs at the same time and see what it does.  I don't know if all of my programs being Record Series has anything to do with it or not, but if the problem persists, I'll definitely be calling Cox to have my set top box replaced.  As soon as I finish watching everything that's already recorded, that is.

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    @civicracer05,  i didn't know that the list in Series Manager sets a priority.  I have the owners manual online and didn't see that.  But every time i have had the "conflicted with a high priority...." message, i only had 2 shows being recorded (not 6 or 7).  So it didn't make any sense to say that there was a "conflict".

    I have removed a bunch of programs from my Series Manager. Someone on this forum said that it takes up a lot of memory on the DVR to be constantly searching for those shows.  I used to have 25.  Now i have 6 in the Manager.

    Have you ever gotten a black screen when you went to play back a recorded show?  With the message " we are having trouble retrieving your show. Try again later."  But it never will play.  That has lead me to record all of my favorite programs twice (once on HD and once on the non-HD channel).  I would rather watch it in non-HD than miss it completely.

    You have to call Cox to install a Contour 2.  But the Contour 1 can be picked up at the Cox Store and turned on by you. If you have any problems, Cox technicians can connect to the box while you are on the phone with them.

  • Hi Civicracer05,

    Try this test: at a time of day when there are no series scheduled to record, pick any channel and press the Record button on the remote. Once the DVR begins recording, change to a different channel and begin a second recording. With two channels recording, use the remote to change to a completely different channel. Press the Record button on the remote to manually begin a third recording. If you have nothing scheduled to record during those time blocks, your Record-6 DVR should allow you to begin recordings on more than just two channels at a time. Please let us know the result of this test!

  • Hi Becky,

    Sorry for the delay response.  I tried the test you suggested, and was able to get 6 programs manually recording at once, and got a message saying I would have to drop one to start recording a 7th, so it appears my receiver is able to record on all 6 channels.  So my original question still stands, why does it occasionally not record a program saying it conflicted with a higher priority recording when I never have 6 programs recording at once.  On a side note, this hasn't happened since I first posted this question.

  • Hi Civicracer05,

    I'm glad to hear it! I'm not sure why you were getting the recording conflict error. If it happens again, please let us know. Be sure to include the details about what was scheduled to record, on which channel, and at what time.