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Reconnecting ipad to internet

I was having a problem with an app on my ipad and reset the ipad...totally. Now I cannot reconnect to the internet.  I have a Cisco modem and Linksys Router. I don't know where to find the password that the ipad is asking for. Help, please?


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    First you must login to your Linksys router ... try in the address box of a browser connected to the router.  If that doesn't work, see here for additional instructions.  When successful, you will get a box asking for a userid and password.  Try admin / admin.  If that doesn't work see here for a list of default logins by Linksys model.  If you have changed the password and don't know it, you will have to factory reset the router.

    Once you login, navigate to the WiFi security page.  The SSID and PSK (password iPad is looking for) should be there.

  • When I type that into my browser, this is the reply...

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

    Am I entering it incorrectly?

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    You are entering an ip address, not a url so don't enter the ".us" ".com" etc.  Just the numbers separated by the "."  You can try if that still doesn't work, follow the first link I gave you for more detailed help.  You will have to open a cmd box (in windows) and use the ipconfig command to find the address of the default gateway.  Detail instructions are in that link.

  • Hi Allen, I got into my Router information and changed the password and saved it.  Now, when I go back to my ipad and try to connect to wifi using the new password, which it asks me for, I still won't connect.  What am I doing wrong now??????

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    After signing in to the router did you go to the Wireless Security page under the Wireless tab?  What password did you change, the admin password for signing in to the router or the Passphrase / PreShared Key (PSK) on the Wireless Security page?  To connect your iPad, you are interested in the Passphrase or PSK.  It may look something like this:

    If you are still having problems, what model Linksys router do you have?  What security mode are you using, could be WPA2 Personal, PSK2, WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode, etc?  WPA2 Personal is recommended as it's the strongest encryption.

  • are a magician!!!!!!!  The last advice worked!!!!  I am connected on my ipad!!!

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