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Recently upgraded to Premiere from Preferred not seeing right speed

We recently upgraded from Preferred to Premiere Internet and are not seeing the speed increase.  I've webchatted with support multiple times and all they do is send a signal to reboot the modem every time.  There is still something wrong, we are not seeing anything close to what we are paying for.  Please help, I know that there is an issue somewhere because we never had any speed problems with Preferred internet.

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  • Michaelnwo1984

    Please send an email to: and include your full address so I can take a look at the modem and see what's happening. Thanks!

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    Go through the complete reset of your modem and router. Also check that your router is up to date with firmware upgrades. This actually isn't surprising because Cox is known to 'short speed' their customers - they cheat you. Preferred is supposed to be 50 Mbps - we have never seen more than 30 Mbps. Premiere is supposed to be 150 Mbps but that also depends on the service hookup that you have. I doubt you will ever see that much speed from Cox.