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Recent Sporadic Internet Outages - ZIP 92630

I am posting here (at my work NOT on a Cox connection...) while my wife is currently working with phone support at home to regain our internet connection and/or get a technician scheduled.  We've had intermittent outages over the past week in the area of zip code 92630.  Chat support on Monday 7/18 indicated it was a widespread issue.  Call support Tuesday 7/19 also indicated it is a widespread issue.  Most times it goes down for hours at a time, comes back for a few hours, and then fails for hours again.

We have manually reset the modem/router multiple times, tried a direct wired connection from modem to PC (no help), and had call support reset our modem to no avail.  No splitters, no fancy business, just your basic setup.

I am wondering if anyone else in the area is having similar issues to indicate this is a larger scale issue than just our modem/home.  Hopefully a visit from tech support will alleviate some of this problem - my wife is a remote worker and highly dependent on a stable home connection.  The lack of quality and consistency is making us greatly consider another ISP if this cannot be resolved expeditiously.

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    One problem that stands out quickly when I look from here is the modem itself. DOCSIS 2.0 modems are no longer suitable for the tier of service you're subscribed to. With that in mind I'd recommend an upgrade to a newer DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Once that is done you'll even get a free speed increase as a result of swapping out the modem that's holding you back.