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Receiving Two Of Every Email

Why am I receiving 2 of every single email that comes to this email address? This does not happen with my other 2 email addresses, so it must be something with how Cox is handling the email messages.

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    This happened to me about two weeks ago, both to my email and the sub-account email my wife uses. We got gigabytes of data shoved at us. Then, within days, both accounts inexplicably stopped sending emails. Cox support up to Tier 2 claims problem is not theirs but I know otherwise. Of couse they offer extra support for another $10 a month but I already pay over $200 to them as it is so no.

    Cox seems to be migrating email to new servers and I think this is causing the uproar. Incompetents.

  • @gojuice,

    Are you accessing your emails from our website via webmail or are you using a third party program such as Outlook or Macmail?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

  • @gunnergoz,

    We can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address so we can help.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    Me too! This shows up whether I'm using the webmail login or Outlook app on my iPhone/iPad and even on my Android. This is so annoying!!!