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Received warning about zBot, but we have no Windows machines here.


I received an email from Cox saying that they detected zBot activity on my network. The IP address matches that of my Netgear router, but we have nothing running Windows. Only Apple products and a frequent visitor with an Android phone. I'm the main internet user here and I don't download and run random things from the internet. 

This is the first time we've received a malware warning from Cox, over several years of internet service. 

I'm not sure what zBot could be running on, since it seems to be a Windows-only malware. I did find some references on the internet to some Microsoft product mistakenly identifying Google Chrome activity as zBot, but I don't know if that's still happening.

Any suggestions?


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  • jonhendry,

    Is it possible a friend or neighbor might be connecting to your home network?

    The scan of our network will trigger for responses on certain ports known to be used by viruses, trojans and other infections. These ports are ones your router would typically have locked down but something is causing traffic that matches possible virus issues.

    If you have questions please call the toll free number included in the email and provide the reference number in the subject of the email.