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Reboot router every 2 to 3 hours

I'm having the same issue as others in the phoenix area. Started about a week ago after maintence. Since then the speed of the connection drops, fails intermittently, and then you have to reboot the router, for over 60.00 a month just for internet this **. every time I call cox support all I get is there is an outage in your area we are fixing it and it will be x number of hours. If this was true then Why does my internet come right back after a modem reboot, if there is an outage. I have call multiple times in the last 2 weeks and it's the exact same message outage in your area. It seems to me they need to ewither upgrade their equipment, or hire more compentent service people. I have looked at the forums and it is not just me having this problem. Come on Cox give refunds or get it RIGHT

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  • WayneMadeley,

    I'd like to help. Are all devices affected when the speed or connection drops? Do the lights on your modem go out when it happens?