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Rebate Cards Never Received and Still Can Not Get Help After 13 Phone Calls And 7 Escalations

Hi, I don't know if this is the correct forum to ask this question but I can't find this topic anywhere else. I have called in so many times it's hard to remember. Whether it be to the main rebate center or my local office I can not get any help.  I've been told over and over that a manager would contact me back but they never do. I've spoken with several managers and have been told by them they'll contact me back but don't. I signed up in July and should have received my few hundred dollars worth of rebate cards months ago...  Every time I call in I'm told there's no reason why it should be held up, all criteria has been met, payments have been made on time, etc.. Yet, months have passed and nothing.  I'm currently on hold once again, 47 minutes and counting.. I asked the rebate department if this is a common issue and they said yes, they get complaints all day everyday.  Why is this such a problem? They are very good at taking the monthly payment out my account yet can't manage to send out "guaranteed" rebate cards? l left AT&T because of they're poor customer service and the billing always being incorrect yet I'm having the same problems with Cox. When I signed up I was quoted one price and it was not the same amount when the bill came in. I gave up on that issue because of the same problem I'm having right now. After many many phone calls of trying to get the bill to what I was promised it never made a difference so I just quit. This is something I am not giving up on though.  If there's anyone out there that can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I am at a loss at this point. The customer service manager just came back on the line and told me I'll have to continue to wait due to the latest escalation not being answered.  How many escalations does it take? The first one from three months ago hasn't been resolved and it's on the same thing!!!

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    Hi Sueqnola79,

    Thank you for contacting us. We could take a look at the account. Could you email us at with your full address and the primary name on the account along with the PIN#.
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    Yes, I filed out the rebate form and everything is correct.  It still shows received  after almost 6 months...

    I just sent the info requested to that email. 

    Thank you