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Real or scam email from fox copyright through cox?

I got an email today stating that I used bittorent to illegally download s1 e6 of family guy, with it showing my computers IP. The problem is...I don't have bittorent, and I don't care for family guy. It also says it was downloaded on the 15th this month, which I found odd that they took this long to forward it. Is this a real email or a scam to acquire personal information or what? I saw another post on here from 2016 about someone who got the same email but a different show, of which fox was the complainer about the alleged illegal download. Is there something I can do to verify this email is real or not?

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    If you receive one of these notices it probably did come from our network security department. Keep in mind this activity was detected on your Internet connection and not any specific device using it as how we can't see past the router. With that being said you'll want to check all of your devices and if you had guests using your Internet connection around the time in question that could be the source. There are also viruses that'll create hidden BitTorrent clients allowing malicious individuals to use your resources to host their content so a virus check may also be in order if you're not sure what's going on.