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RE: Xbox One Streaming Contour

Why is this thread locked and no replies? Why do you constantly lock questions that are still unresolved?  How can this be a forum if you constantly lock all the threads? That is not a forum.

You guys silencing an issue that has been around since Jan 9th 2014 when it was first requested as far as I know requesting XBOX one support for the Contour App and the response was they will pass it along to the dev team, by one CrisL of the Support Forum moderators.

Also if your support forum mods actually work for Cox and for Support they shouldn't tell people to email they should just forward the issues internally. Asking customers to restate everything they already stated to a Cox employee on a cox public forum is ridiculous and frustrating. 

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Posted: 11 May 2017
Post Subject: RE: Xbox One Streaming Contour
Post author: MaryF

Hi KenK,

Thank you for your feedback.  We'd like to share your feedback to our Contour App team.  Could you send us an email to with your full address and a link to this thread?  Thanks.