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RE: Robot calls annoying

Can u please this answer this person has to much anger at the end of his or her answer to my inquiry 

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Posted: 22 Jan 2017
Post Subject: RE: Robot calls annoying
Post author: Tecknowhelp

This is one of the reasons I switched to Verizon Telephone. Not only do they have Sim. Ring allowing you to configure Nomorobo, but they have integrated into their system so you can use it with a click of a button. See here Cox if you want a example of how it's done. 

Also, with all the hackers online, and all the mean angry people, why hasn't anyone tried to track down destroy these telemarketing robots and call center? Surly they are making millions of dollars or why would they continue to do it? And if they are making that much money, how can it be hard to track them down? There must be huge call centers in India and China where these losers gather. Are we out of laser guided bombs or something? #Findhimandkillem