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RE: Notice of Copyright Infringement

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Posted: 10 Nov 2014
Post Subject: RE: Notice of Copyright Infringement
Post author: Becky
Hi Titan, Sharing and downloading copyrighted materials like music, movies, and television programming without the consent of the copyright owner is illegal. Cox strongly discourages its customers from these types of infringement and we urge customers to be sure that their computers and wireless networks are not used by others for these purposes. The Cox Network Security Department follows the protocols and procedures set forth in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Our Network Security Department receives and complies with subpoenas from the US Copyright Group in cases of copyright infringement. It sounds like this was your first warning letter. At this time, you'll want to remove all the copyrighted files that you downloaded and turn off or delete any file-sharing software. As long as we don't receive further DMCA complaints, you don't have anything to worry about! You can find more info regarding copyright infringement at and