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RE: Not on contour network

Chris the "expert" from Cox has no idea how to fix this problem other than googling whatever the customer is telling him.  I have had the same problem,but thankfully, it was only during THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!!!!   I called four times and after giving my security information to three different agents, they still had no idea that the problem was with access with the COX internet.  More than once I was asked "Can you watch the show on your tv?"...The real problem is COX support, or rather the lack of intelligent Internet access via their new improved Contour service. 

Seeing the answer to a customer to check whatsmyip.comis ludicrous, its right off a checklist they give to NEWBS who cannot help you, all they know is...nothing.   Don't call, or heaven forbid try to use their constant chat pop-up that asks if you want to chat.  I tried that once, after 23 minutes of hearing the support agent read his checkllist, he told me he would forward it to level 2 and gave me an obviously made up job #.

Look up the problem yourself, go to websites on a search engine, don't use the first twenty or so that you pull up, they are all answers given by the oblivious to technology COX support team. is a good place to start.  Don't dea lwith Cox support, the $200 a month you spend for their service does not include knowledge, only selling you their next tier.  Notice how when you try to downgrade they always ask "what do you use the internet for ?".."ohh no Sir,if you are streaming anything other than our pay per view,(not NETFLIX), you need a higher speed.  **.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2016
Post Subject: RE: Not on contour network
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@EAJJ I would suggest visiting from both a wired device and the device you're trying to view on and see if you get the same IP address in both browsers.