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RE: Is Cox still working on the email platform problem?

this is abuse to have to be still putting up with these problems.

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Posted: 26 Jul 2017
Post Subject: RE: Is Cox still working on the email platform problem?
Post author: j anderson

Here it is 7/26 and I still have some of these problems.  So many emails go to the spam folder and they are valid emails except that sometimes they are duplicate or even triplicate of what is in my inbox?  Why??

Chase Mortgage and now Edward Jones send me letters telling me that their emails to me are rejected "or I don't exist" same email address for ever... really frustrating for me and the companies that are trying to reach me.

The new layout is confusing/frustrating to me.  Not easy to read or use.  Still haven't been able to remember if blue envelopes are unread and white emails are read or vice versa.  Right now I have two unread emails with blue envelope symbols and two unread emails with white envelopes. So what do the envelope symbols mean?

Also  the print on the emails I have read is so light that I have to bring my head closer to the screen. Once I open them they are fine.

Please show some concern for these problems causing everyone trouble


Judy Anderson