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RE: Huge Disappointment

Really? You allow this post to exist? It's usage of "cocks" should be enough to ban it. Sheesh

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Posted: 9 Aug 2017
Post Subject: RE: Huge Disappointment
Post author: designclash

I was terminated for downloading material I ALREADY OWN, I'm sorry this happened to you, as I also am in grad school, I need access to media for my degree, and am not filthy rich. I will share what I was told by "cocks" representatives: They said because i DON'T HAVE THE PHYSICAL COPY OF THE MEDIA IN MY HAND (I OWNED VHS AND PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED DVDS) IN MY HAND, that it was illegal to  obtain copies of media WHICH I HAD PREVIOUSLY Already PURCHASED on defunct formats:my VHS and DVD archive my ex confiscated in our separation, that my service would be terminated for six months. I will personally be telling 10+ people about how ____ deals with their customers AND HAVE SWITCHED TO A  DIFFERENT (BETTER) AND CHEAPER CARRIER OF HIGH SPEED INTERNET. I advise doing the same, because they do not respect the privacy or the compassion of their customers. ALSO THE HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION FOR THIS COMPANY WAS 40% CHEAPER. Good luck and God bless.