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Re: email only service?

Not offering the email-only service for 7.95/mo is yet another reason for us to change domain names ASAP. Best solution to the inevitable ISP email change is not to have an ISP specific address to begin with. Google "How to ease the transition to a new email account" Then, google "4 Best and Free Email Hosting Services for Your Custom Domain" and google "" which offers custom domain names for $12/year.

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    Won't you be obligated to pay $120 a year for hosting the new domain if you use the most popular providers?  Some of the "free" services put advertisements on your new website.   For me, the main reason I want Cox to offer the email-only service is so that I can continue using my current email if I move outside a Cox service area.   If I Google "4 best and free...." will any of them be a business that you are associated with?