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RE: Bandwidth throttling?

I would like to report abuse by the cox staff member. She distributing miss information to customers. As per a statement from one of your very own Product Communications Managers in 2007, cox admittedly does partake in usage based throttling.  

"Much to their credit, Cox confirmed the practice later that day via a response from David Deliman, Product Communications Manager:

It reads:
To ensure the best possible online experience for our customers, Cox actively manages network traffic through a variety of methods including traffic prioritization and protocol filtering. Cox does not prohibit the use of file-sharing services for uploads or downloads, or discriminate against any specific services in any way. To help our customers make the most out of their Internet experience, we take proactive measures to ensure that bandwidth intensive applications do not negatively impact their service. These network management practices are outlined in our subscriber agreement and Acceptable Use Policy." -2007

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Posted: 7 Mar 2014
Post Subject: RE: Bandwidth throttling?
Post author: TiffanyR

Hello Olduser, 

As stated above we do not throttle services, even after exceeding your data limit. You can find out more information about our data usage policy here.