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Rate Increase

I am fed up with Cox Communications. I have been a cox customers for last 16 years, They have been increasing my rate steadily over the years 10 to 20 % every year since 2000. .  

Today I talked top Royalty department a Rep named Zee. Cox do not know how to value their long-term customers. They think long term customers  are fool. They can continue to increase the rates. And we will continue to pay  whatever increase they will charge us.

Last night without my authorization, one of their (Cox) representative reduce my quality of Internet service  from  Preferred Internet  to just Essential.  That is unacceptable.  That is very unacceptable. They even did not apologize for it. On the contrary they told me the only way they are willing to give me back Preferred service, if I accept their increase rate/price of $72.99 just for my Home Internet connection. Why? What did I do wrong keeping Cox for last 16 Years?

Actually they do not care for their CUSTOMERS. That is the Bare FACT.

I cannot take this type of rude behavior from Cox any more.  No one talks like what Cox did to me. You should also not accept such rude talk & behavior, I propose.

I have decided to raise the issues further. I am reporting the "abrupt rate increase" matter to this Forum so that you all are aware of what is going on with Cox.  

I like every one of you, who has been victimized by abrupt rate increase,  to raise the issues to your local Congressman and local government officials. This is unacceptable. We need better government oversight regulations and controls on Internet Rates Increase. I do not like what Cox is doing --   screwing their royal customers like what they are doing to me (having 16 years with Cox). 

I am going to find out who are the other Internet providers in my area.  I  am definitely switching. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your support.

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