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Random Internet Drops

Hey everyone! Out of nowhere, today we started having random issues with the internet losing connection. Sometimes comes back on it's own, other times we have to reset the modem. Anyone else running into this and know how to fix it?

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    How about some more details.  Are the drops wireless, wired or both?  Does a computer wired to you gateway/modem/router drop connection?  If you haven't already, can you test a wired connection?  Finally, what gateway/modem/router do you have?

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    Yes I'm running into the same problem as you are. It sometimes comes back on its own and other times I have to reset the modem. Happened to me last year then all of a sudden it stopped and ran smoothly.....until now. Wired the modem directly to computer and still experienced drops.  

  • If the intermittent disconnects continue when hardwired to the modem with an ethernet cord, check to see if there are any splitters on the coax cable that connects the modem to the cable outlet. A splitter at the end of its life span can cause the symptoms that you've described. If there are no splitters and all of your connections are tight, the issue could be the modem itself or something in our equipment outside your home. Trying a different modem is a good troubleshooting step; it may also be time to schedule a service call.