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Random drop connection due to ineligible modem???

I've been experiencing random drops throughout the day.  The problem persists for several days and suddenly it runs smooth until it starts up again.  So i went to my settings and saw this:

"It looks like you are using a modem that is not compatible with My WiFi. My WiFi is included when you rent a WiFi Modem from Cox. My WiFi is coming soon for Cox provided Netgear WiFi Modems."
I'm currently using a Netgear CMD31T modem, which I purchased when I signed up for service about 3 years ago.  At that time this is the modem that was recommended by Cox, so why is it now deemed ineligible?  Does that mean I need to purchase a "compatible" modem?  What if, after purchasing a new modem, the problem still persists?  

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    That modem is still on our approved modem list, so it should actually still be working unless there are issues with the modem itself. You could swap out the modem and try a newer one, just to test the theory of the equipment not working.