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Questions re: Contour 2 Las Vegas

I plan on adding Cox TV service with Cox in Las Vegas soon.  I had planned on getting a Tivo, but I saw a demo of the new Contour and I was impressed with the interface.  I have 2 major concerns (questions) about using the new Contour.

1. Can the page-up button be re-programmed for a 30 second skip rather than a 5 minute skip?  From reading this forum and others it seems that may be possible, but I can't tell for sure.

2. Can you extend (live tv) recordings more than 30 minutes?  Other forums indicated that you may be able to extend  up to 90 minutes, but in Las Vegas it seems you can only extend up to 30 minutes.  I like to record a lot of sporting events to watch at a later time and many go more than 30 minutes over guide listing, so I would really need the ability to set those recordings to extend at least to 90 minutes.

 Like I said, I will be in the Las Vegas area, and have confirmed that the box I would get if subscribed to Contour 2 would be an Arris AX013ANC box (if that makes any difference).  Any help or comments would be most appreciated. 

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    You can set the next show in the guide to record if you believe the event will go pass 30 minutes. You can even set this option remotely using our Cox Connect app on your mobile device.

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    Thanks for the reply re: extended recordings.

    I still can't determine if the 30 second skip is available to be programmed on the Contour 2 boxes.   This is something I can't give up as I am presently on DirecTV and I really like this feature.

    Hopefully the 30 day guarantee will apply in my case even though I currently have the cox internet service (which is great and I certainly would not want to have to cancel that service also).

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    Hi, the 30 second skip feature currently is not available with our Contour 2 product; however, stay hopeful as we periodically perform platform upgrades.  We always appreciate customer's feedback and I'll pass what you've said onto our Management Team!  Thanks for choosing Cox Communications as your Internet Service Provider and have a great weekend!