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Question about OpenDNS

Being as I have teenagers and I want our home Internet to be safe I have tried using OpenDNS. We have had Cox service for years and was able to use OpenDNS with absolutely no trouble on our old modem. However after moving recently and upgrading to the supposedly fastest cable modem available, Arris Touchstone TG2472, and logging in to the router I manually assigned the DNS addresses I want under both the IPv4 and IPv6, but OpenDNS still is not working. Under the 'utilites' tab I notice under WAN settings the old DNS settings provided by Cox are still listed there, but can't be altered from that screen, and under the direct WAN settings there is nowhere to adjust DNS settings, only under the LAN. I called Cox tech support and was told now that the DNS addresses are dynamically assigned and we as customers are no longer allowed to change them.

Really Cox? If that's the case why on my old modem did I have no trouble with this? I hope this young man was mistaken, and if there is a way to get OpenDNS working on this particular cable modem I would like to know asap please. If not that is pretty shoddy customer service because we should have the option of what DNS servers we want to use, especially when we have children in the home.

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  • Did you configure your settings similar to this setup guide? You may also need to reboot the modem afterward (unplug/re-plug the power). I have not heard of any specific modem/router not allowing for these type of changes.

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