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Progress Bar - Options to Make It Go Away? - It Covers Up Sports Replays - Cox Contour 2 System

I recently switched from DirecTV and right now am disappointed by the very large progress bar that pops up every single time I hit the replay button, effectively blocking the exact moment I am trying to replay to see more clearly.  How annoying!  Yes, I know hitting the Exit button will make it go away, but isn't there some other option or setting to turn it off?  Or to minimize it automatically?  Or to make it smaller?  Or to have it only pop up for 1 second instead of 5 seconds?  Anything???  Please help!  Cox should fix this for all of its sports fans - decidedly inferior to DirecTV interface.

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    Cobalt289, I do understand your frustrations and we want you to be able to enjoy your cable service, but there is no way to turn off that bar or change the amount of time it is showed on the screen. Thank you.


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    Yet another example of "Intelligent design". 

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    I dont have contour 2 system, but I found this through google.

    it references countour 2 and callerID and the duration of the banner.

    I can set the length of time the banner stays displayed from long, med,short time. not sure on the amount of sec it stays up there. on mine it is menu>more setting>preferences. but like I said i don;t have that box, so YMMV.

    Also when the banner is on the screen, if I use the up down arrow buttons, the banner can be moved to the top of the screen or bottom.