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I would like to know why I am charged so much. since the whole digital thing happened I have lost at half of the channels I had when I began services with you. the mini box gets maybe 20 channels now. I havew had three modems changes out, a tech out to my home tice, and was with out internet for two weeks(half your billing period) and had to pay full amount on the bill anyways. I would like to have money taken off my bill for such problems and fix issue with the cable boxes and channels.

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  • Hi Becky,

    I'm sorry that you've had so many issues of late! You should be able to view the channels in the Starter and Essential tiers via the mini box (view your channel lineup at I'd like to review your account so I can ensure you are receiving all of your channels, and I'm also happy to take a look at the charges. Please email my team at Be sure to include your full name, address, Cox PIN, and a link to this post.