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Problems with POP email account using Outlook?

i too just started having major problems with Outlook and Cox,  Cox blames Microsoft and after three hours on the phone with Microsoft, they say it's on the Cox end. What gives   - I had this service with no problems for years and now I can't send or receive email on my Mac, nor can I send email from my iphone or ipad,  This does not make sense.

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Posted: 3 Jul 2015
Post Subject: Problems with POP email account using Outlook?
Post author: kashka

Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know anything about what Cox is doing about it? I so don't want to call tech support again. It is incredibly aggravating all around, and they know it.

I've been unable to use my POP account on Outlook 2013 for more than a day now. The "tier 2" tech support said yesterday that they had been working on a problem between MS Outlook POP and Cox servers since the previous evening (July 1). I've had periodic problems with my POP account and Cox off and on for a couple of years. 

I am not going to give up using a POP account, and I prefer the Outlook interface. I don't see the point in paying for a service that isn't working and doesn't suit my needs.