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Problems with New Cox Webmail interface

First, the new webmail loads EXTREMELY slow! I have tried from different computers at different locations, and it is always SLOW. If I use the new link "", some of my accounts do not load at all after I log-in )I just get three blinking circles). I am using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11. I found by accident that if I use "in-private browsing", then the other accounts will load (but still slow). How do I fix so I can just log-in normally? After getting logged in (If I get that far): 1 - Nowhere on the page does it tell me which account I am logged-in on. It used to say "log out Joe's email", for example. 2- All the messages are listed on one page. There is no way to Delete a specific message without opening it. If I click on it, it opens. There is no Check-Box like there used to be, so I can select and delete all the Spam at once. Only option is one-at-a-time, or "select all". Overall, I see absolutely no improvement with this new system. Please reinstate the old one that worked fine for years (except for the poor service between Feb and May of this year)

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    Hi Mh575,

    In regards to experiencing the slow webmail, have you tried clearing your cookies and cache with your Internet Explorer 11 browser?  Do you have another browser that you can try with?

    In regards to deleting specific emails and missing the check box, there is an option to change the message view so that you can select the email without the email opening.  You may change the layout of your messages to List so that you don't get a preview of the email you want to delete.  To get the List View, click on View located on the top right of your window, right above Sort By.  Under Layout, click on List.  Then, go back to View, under Options select the Checkboxes so it has check mark beside it.   This will allow checkboxes in the List view so that you can mark the emails you want to delete without opening the email.  Let us know if you have any trouble finding this message layout.

    Once your email account has been migrated to the new platform, it cannot be reversed.  I can share your feedback regarding the new Cox email platform.

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    I am having the same problems. I can't stand the new interface and want the old one back. NOW. This new one is a pain in the ****. First of all I have problems logging in. I keep getting some notice that tries to tell me that there have been too many login errors. I do a complete shut down after clearing out all the cookies, reboot and attempt logging back in to my mail. I GET THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE I HAVE BEEN GETTING MOST OF THE DAY. I see absolutely no improvement with this new system. Please reinstate the old one that worked fine for years. Anyone ever heard the old axiom "if it ain't broke, DON'T fix it"? The way things currently are I'd be changing services, but I can't do that. Cox is the only game in town if you want cable service. To repeat my self, I can't stand the new interface and want the old one back. NOW!!!
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    The troubles don't just end there.  IDs and passwords apparently are not shared intelligently among the various Cox services.  In fact, we can't even share them on our two Macs at home, six feet apart!  The online instructions for use of webmail (as with other services) are arbitrary, sketchy, and sometimes conflicting, depending on when they were written and posted and the technology available at the time.  We've just spent two hours trying to get everything in harmony and while we have no problems with our other email services and Gmail, we still can't get Cox email to work right.  And we're technically savvy. 

    No, please don't sic some helplessly confused chat helper on us!  Get the process right and then write it down clearly, for once and for all -- at least until the next tech takes over the responsibility, with some new tricks, and we have to do this all over again.

    As it is, Cox webmail and thus IMAP email from Cox servers remains inaccessible this evening.  We'll try again in the morning, but if it it's still out there, we will think seriously about getting service from alternative broadband services, which are growing in number and sophistication (as Cox is not).  5G wireless is just around the corner, within the next 18 months, probably sooner.  Keep that in mind, please.

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    A big PS.  We use Macs running the latest version of Google Chrome browser, which automatically updates its onboard Adobe Flash Player whenever a new version comes out.  So we were surprised when we tried to use Cox Enhanced Webmail and got this message:

    "Thank you for attempting to access Enhanced WebMail.  Your browser does not meet the minimum requirement of Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher.

    In order to access Enhanced Webmail, please visit to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

    If you prefer to access your email using Classic WebMail, click on the button below."  (Shown here for illustration only:  if you click on the button, you will be taken to the "Classic WebMail" webpage -- and good luck with that.)

    So just be sure, we downloaded the latest version of Flash Player from Adobe's website -- and got the very same message again. Is anyone at Cox actually proof-testing the Enhanced Webmail using technology other than a PC and the Microsoft Explorer browser, a relic of the 2000s?  Seems not, else why would we be refused access to Enhanced Webmail (unless it can't work with Macs and Chrome, easily the most popular browser today)?  Wow, are things that addled at Cox?

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    Got the Cox email working.  It was an interaction among Cox, Apple iCloud, and the Chrome browser hanging things up.  Never would have solved it using Cox's online instructions:  they don't grok the iCloud, not even after about a billion iPhones have been sold that employ it.  Sigh.

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    Glad you was able to resolve the issue please let us know if you have any other concerns.

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    I'm running Windows 7 and IE11. Email has worked perfectly until this evening, when I started getting this same message. I have followed the link and downloaded 3 times, but cannot locate it on the PC ...AND...still getting this message. Classic email is archaic, while enhanced works fairly well but still behind the times. No prior notice of any changes, and your link doesn't fix the issue. Put things back the way they were or give clear and correct instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi PAJ,

    You mentioned a message with a web link. Was this an error message? What link was provided? Are you able to access your email this morning?

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    I have the same problem, but it won't open at all for me. Just 3 gray dots dancing around. I talked to some guy this morning and after he heard my problem, he asked what O/S I was using. I said IE. He told me to go online and download google chrome. I guess people with IE are just screwed. I hung up. Cox has a bunch of idiots working for them. I'm moving over to a yahoo account and dropping cox in the next day or two.
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    We have discovered an issues with webmail and Kaspersky Antivirus. You have the following options to access your emails:

    -Disable Kaspersky when they access

    -Access Cox Email via a third party email client.

    -Add the website to the Trusted Web Addresses list in Kaspersky with these steps.
    Open Kaspersky.
    Click Settings.
    Click Protection on the upper left.
    Click Web Anti-Virus.
    Click Advanced Settings.
    Click Configure trusted web pages.
    Click on the Add button, then add and select Active.
    Click on the Add button again.

    Note: If necessary, repeat these steps to add other websites to the list.

    Close the Trusted web pages window.
    Click the Back arrow in the upper left three times to return to the main window.
    Retry accessing Cox Email.
    If the Inbox loads, all steps complete.
    If the Inbox does not load, close all open web browsers and then retry. All steps complete.